Animating the Masks

Now you'll animate the Mask Opacity of each mask and reveal the letters at different times:


Select all the masks, and press TT to display each mask's Mask Opacity property.


Go to time 1;00, and set a 0% Mask Opacity keyframe for mask L.


Go forward one frame to time 1;01, and change the Mask Opacity value to 100%.

Animating mask L's Mask Opacity


Select both Mask Opacity keyframes, and copy them.


Go forward 19 frames to time 1;20, select mask SE, and paste the keyframes.


Go forward 20 frames to time 2;10, select mask HI, and paste the keyframes.


Go forward 20 frames to time 3;00, select mask A, and paste the keyframes.


Go forward 20 frames to time 3;20, select mask RI, and paste the keyframes.

All the Mask Opacity keyframes in place

Press Home and then the spacebar to preview the animation. You should see the masked sections of the title appear at different times.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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