Creating the Title Blur

It's time to duplicate the text layer and use it to create the blurred title that appears before the main title comes into focus:


Select the LA HI-RISE layer, and duplicate it.


Select the lower LA HI-RISE layer in the Timeline, apply Effect > Blur & Sharpen > Fast Blur, and set Blurriness to 10. (No keyframe is needed.)


To make the topmost text layer appear after the blurred version fades in, go to time 3;20 and add a 0% Opacity keyframe to the top layer.


Press Alt + [ (Windows) or Opt + [ (Mac OS) to trim the layer's In point and leave its keyframe at the current point in time. (If you press only [, the keyframe moves to time 7;20, which you don't want to happen.)

Trimming layer 1 without moving its keyframe


Go to time 5;00, and change the layer's Opacity to 100%.

If you preview the animation, the blurred letters should fade in at different times. Then the sharp version of the title should quickly fade in on top of the blurred letters.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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