Parenting the Third Reflection

Motion tracking is straightforward when you have footage like the Car Gauges layer that contains distinct contrasting visual elements that are easily tracked. However, the process can get a little tedious no matter how accurate the resulting motion path is. This time, you'll use a simpler technique that capitalizes on the motion you've already tracked:


Go to time 0;00, and add Saleen_Car_08.avi to the top of the Timeline's layer stack.


Go to time 5;00, and change the layer's Opacity to 50% and Scale to 60%.


Position the image so that it's over the fuel gauge to the right of the RPM gauge.


Use the Elliptical Mask tool on the Saleen_Car_08 layer to mask it to the gauge's white face.


Set the mask's Mode to Add and Feather to 50 pixels.


Set the Saleen_Car_08 layer's Parent value to the Model layer in the Timeline's Parent column. Now the Saleen_Car_08 layer will mimic the motion of the Model layer.


To fade the reflection in and out, copy the Model layer's Opacity keyframes, and then paste the keyframes on the Saleen_Car_08 layer at time 0;00.

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