Adding the Scrolling Text

A text layer that displays the names of 11 cities (presumably the news station's broadcasting area) scrolls upward on top of the city. To create this effect, you'll animate your text layer's Position property. Once you're done with this project, you can try using any of the Multi-Line text animation presets (in the Effects & Presets palette) to animate the layer instead.

Follow these steps:


Use these Settings for the Horizontal Type tool:

Alignment: Center Text

Font Family: Arial

Text Size: 34px

Leading: 72

Tracking: 300

Fill Color: White (RGB: 255, 255, 255)

Stroke Color: None

Settings for the text layer


Type the names of 11 cities, with one city name per line, in a single text layer.


To set the starting position of the text layer, add a Position keyframe of 360, 505 at time 0;00. This keyframe starts the first line of text just outside the bottom edge of the composition and centered in the composition's width.


Press your keyboard's End key to go to time 4;29. Change the text layer's Position to 360, -725 to position the layer above the top edge of the Composition window.

The text's motion path starts below the composition and ends far above.

Save your project, and then preview your results. The text layer should now start offscreen at the bottom of the composition and scroll upward until every line of text is out of view.

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