Creating the Background

You'll create the background in three easy steps by importing your movie file and applying two effects to it. The Hue/Saturation effect helps give the footage a uniform appearance, and the Glow effect further stylizes the imagery:


Add the file to the Master Timeline at time 0;00.


To give the layer a blue hue, apply Effect > Adjust > Hue/Saturation to the layer. Use these effect settings:

Colorize (under Master Lightness): On

Colorize Hue: 0x220

Colorize Saturation: 45

Settings for the Hue/Saturation effect


To add some radiance to the city background, apply Effect > Stylize > Glow to the layer. Use these effect settings:

Glow Threshold: 27%

Glow Radius: 18

Glow Intensity: .3

Settings for the Glow effect

The layer with Hue/Saturation and Glow effects

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