Chapter 6. Exploring More Complex Models in WhatWhat Status

In This Chapter

  • 6.1 What Is WhatWhat Status? 84

  • 6.2 Logging In and Using WhatWhat Status 85

  • 6.3 Exploring the WhatWhat Status Model 87

  • 6.4 Writing Better Model Classes 94

  • 6.5 Summary 95

With the Bookmarker application under our belt, it's time to move on and look at a real-world application. In the next three chapters, we explore one of the first open-source TurboGears applications to be released: WhatWhat Status.

There's a lot to learn from the WhatWhat Status application, and we start out by exploring some features of SQLObject and TurboGears models that didn't come up in the Bookmarker application. We also look at the Identity framework, which is TurboGears's built-in mechanism for doing authentication/authorization. Along the way, we deal with some of the issues that come up while building a real-world application in TurboGears. Particularly, we talk about how to build model objects that keep your controllers from becoming a jumbled mess.

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