Section 2.5. Summary

2.5. Summary

  • The TurboGears command tg-admin quickstart can create a brand new TurboGears project for you, complete with all the files you need to get started.

  • TurboGears publishes the methods defined in the root controller (which you can find in

  • TurboGears templates are standard XHTML documents, with a few extra processing directives.

  • TurboGears uses decorators such as @expose(template="hello.template.welcome") to determine which methods can be called directly from the web, and to define which template can be used to render the final page.

  • When your controller returns a dict, the contents of that dictionary are automatically available as local variables in your template.

  • If you're running Python 2.3, you can use decorators to define which objects are published, but with a slightly different syntax. All examples in this book use the standard Python 2.4 syntax, but there are Python 2.3 versions of some of the example code available at

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