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Pages offers other export options for sharing files between applications and platforms but they are not appropriate for every file.

PDF is the only format option suitable for a document like ours which makes extensive use of master objects, fixed objects that don't flow with text in the main area of the page, and objects layered one on another.

If you wanted to publish your newsletter using a different format, for instance via the Web with HTML, you would need to make that decision early in the process and design accordingly.

Here is how our newsletter appears when exported as HTML. As you can see, it would not be a feasible export option using our current design.

The Word, RTF and Plain Text options are best used to transfer text-only documents between computers.

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    Creating Pages with iWork. Visual QuickProject Guide
    Creating Pages with iWork. Visual QuickProject Guide
    ISBN: 321357558
    EAN: N/A
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 97

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