XForms and the Next Generation Web

The final part of the book focuses on three key areas where XForms is likely to play a significant role:

Web Services

Creating user interfaces to Web Services.

Multimodal Interaction

Deploying multimodal interaction where users are able to interact using a variety of synchronized modalities such as spoken and visual interaction. This aspect is extremely relevant in deploying Web interaction to the plethora of emerging mobile devices.


Ensuring that Web content and applications are accessible to all. Implementing accessibility assures Web authors of the widest possible audience for their content; it also ensures that Web content meets U.S. Federal Access Guidelines.

These areas are at the center of intense activity within the standards community and are the focus of emerging customer solutions from the various major vendors . These chapters are designed to give IT specialists a leg up in coming up to speed on how the new XForms standard meshes with these three key areas of Web development.

XForms. XML Powered Web Forms with CD
XForms. XML Powered Web Forms with CD
Year: 2003
Pages: 94

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