Chapter8.Advanced Features

Chapter 8. Advanced Features

This chapter introduces you to the advanced features of GroupWise. We call this our "kitchen sink" chapter because of the variety of topics covered here. After you master the concepts of this chapter, however, you will likely become known as the GroupWise Guru among your co-workers.

We have divided this chapter into two halves. The first deals with the features for using GroupWise day to day that will make you more productive, such as rules and Proxy. The second covers advanced mailbox configuration and maintenance features, such as using Internet accounts and repairing your mailbox.

In the first half of the chapter, we cover the advanced features that add to your productivity. The following advanced features are covered in this section:

  • Rules (automatic actions on messages)

  • Proxy (allowing access to your mailbox or accessing someone else's mailbox)

  • Send options (such as status tracking or notification)

  • Advanced security (using encryption)

  • My Subject (customizing a received message)

  • Discussions (threaded, posted messages around one topic)

  • Notify (alerts on received messages)

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