Using the Checklist

One of the most convenient features of GroupWise 7 is the Checklist. The Checklist folder allows you to simply place any messageusing drag and dropinto the Checklist folder for action at some point.


The message retains its original type after you move it and does not become a task. Tasks are not contained in the Checklist folder unless placed there on purpose.

Figure 5.21 shows messages in the Checklist folder.

Figure 5.21. The Checklist folder contains messages requiring some type of action.

After a message is placed into the Checklist folder, a box is displayed next to the item, allowing you to "complete" it with a single mouse click.

To move an item into the Checklist folder, select the message (or messages) with a single mouse click (or Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select multiple messages) and drag it to the Checklist folder.


To keep a copy of the message in its original folder, hold down the Ctrl key while performing the drag and drop steps.

Optionally, you can select messages as described, right-click, and choose Move to Checklist Folder from the QuickMenu.


You can view items in any folder as Checklist items. That way, you can work within the same folder. With any folder selected, choose View, Display Settings, As Checklist. To make this change permanent on a particular folder, right-click the folder, click Properties, click the Display tab, choose Checklist from the View By drop-down list, and click OK.

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