Starting GroupWise

You can launch the GroupWise program in different ways. The most common is to simply double-click the GroupWise icon located on your Windows desktop. If the icon is not available on your desktop, you can navigate to the Start menu and then choose Programs, Novell GroupWise, GroupWise. Normally, when you perform one of these actions, GroupWise simply opens your mailbox.


This book was written based on a GroupWise 7 default client installation running on Windows XP Professional. If you are running a different version of Windows, or if you or your administrator has customized the installation, you might use a slightly different procedure to launch GroupWise.

The first time you run GroupWise, however, you might see the GroupWise Startup screen. You use this screen to provide GroupWise with your user ID, post office information, and TCP/IP settings. Don't panic if you encounter this screen. Your system administrator can give you all the necessary information. For the rest of the chapter, we assume that you don't need to deal with the Startup screen.


Appendix B, "GroupWise Startup Options," provides more information about the Startup screen.

Novell GroupWise 7 User's Handbook
Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook
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