Understanding Cache Mode

A new GroupWise operating mode, known as cache mode, was introduced with GroupWise 6.0. (This mode was not available in GroupWise versions prior to 6.0.) Cache mode is a cross between the standard online mode (live connection to your master mailbox) and the remote mode discussed in this chapter.

Cache mode is similar to online mode because it is commonly used while you are actually connected to the network. The difference between online and cache modes is that when you are using online mode, you are maintaining a live connection to your GroupWise master mailbox. This mode uses GroupWise system resources even when you are not performing tasks in GroupWise. In some cases, online mode can stress the GroupWise delivery mechanism by creating unnecessary network and GroupWise traffic.

If you are running in cache mode, the messages you send to other users are sent immediately if the client can successfully connect to your online mailbox. Messages sent to you from other users are queued at your GroupWise post office, and the cache client will check for new mail every five minutes by default.

Settings in cache mode are controlled through the Accounts, Account Options. These options are different from the remote options, but they allow you to configure how the cache mailbox behaves in regards to synchronization. Cache mode is designed to connect any time a connection is needed, and it will attempt to connect automatically. For this reason, when you create an appointment and need to Busy Search users to check their availability, it will behave in the same manner as it would if you were using online mode. The client simply connects and performs the Busy Search in real time.


Your GroupWise system administrator can force your GroupWise client to run in cache mode to more effectively manage system resources.


Chapter 11, "Customizing GroupWise," discusses a few additional features that you can use in cache and remote modes. They are the cleanup and backup options that you can use to help manage the size of your cache mailbox and to automatically back up your GroupWise cache or remote data at regular intervals.

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