Chapter11.Completing the Implementation and Configuration

Chapter 11. Completing the Implementation and Configuration


  • Using Administrative Projects

  • Managing Enterprise Project and Resource Calendars

  • Performing Enterprise Global Backup and Restore

  • Timesheet Setup

  • Best Practices

Several features of Microsoft Project Server need discussion to complete the implementation. Some of these features directly affect the current project management culture and need close scrutiny to ensure that the implementation will be positively perceived by the collective users. The use and configuration of administrative projects is one of these features. Administrative projects allow the organization to capture nonproject and nonwork activities. These projects may be new to the organization, so a thorough understanding is necessary.

How calendars are created and managed is another of the project management culture features. How calendar issues are currently managed needs to be weighed against the functionality of Project Server. An in-depth understanding is helpful to grasp the impact to your organization.

The capture of actual project work is a key function of Project Server and directly affects the accuracy of reports generated out of the database. How actuals are currently captured and reported needs to be discussed as part of the timesheet setup configuration decisions. Timesheet setup is an important feature, and understanding the various options is essential to a successful EPM implementation.

The Backup Global and Restore Global features are essential in your ability to capture and reuse created standards in the Enterprise Global template. How to use these features is discussed in this chapter.

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