Best Practices

  • The PDS API should be used to access data when building a custom application.

  • Classes with the base functionality of logging in programmatically, sending a SOAP request, and accepting the SOAP response should be implemented in the language the project will be written in.

  • When the PDS API does not provide all data access needed for your application, a PDS extender should be written.

  • Set up search integration between SPS search and Project Workspaces by creating a stored procedure that returns a URL as a link to all your WSS sites to a hidden web page; then set up this hidden page as a content source for the SPS Indexer to index.

  • You can set up a Project Workspaces scope so that it appears in the search sources drop-down on the home page in SPS, giving users the option to narrow their SharePoint Portal search to just Project Workspaces.

  • Use the Project web parts to display vital project information and create easy integration points between SPS and Project Server.

  • Include detailed error handling and status updates as much as possible in all methods of your MSPOLAPBREAKOUT object. Report this to the event messages.

  • Always utilize the test program included with the Solution Starter to test the cube build before testing from PWA.

  • Designing your cube in Analysis Manager before developing the breakout code simplifies the development process.

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