Best Practices

At the end of each chapter in this book, the authors present key ideas that they believe are most important and pertinent to the topics in the chapter. This section outlines the best practices recommended for the EPM philosophy considerations:

  • Establish and run the EPM implementation as a project. An EPM implementation is a complex project and must be run as such. Designate a strong project manager and make sure that your team has the industry expertise, in both the project management domain and in the Microsoft software, to accomplish the project.

  • Use an evolutionary approach. Your EPM implementation will probably roll out in phases, initially using simple strategies that become more complex as your EPM business processes and technology mature. Develop an overall project plan that describes each rollout phase and which parts of the technology will be used within those phases. This project plan should include a phased rollout schedule, communications plan, EPM team definition, scope statement, and audience for periodic broadcasts to the EPM community. This strategy minimizes uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration that may develop throughout the organization as you plan, develop, and roll out your EPM implementation.

  • Focus on the changes to the people, process, and organization. Your decisions and approach to this large organizational change affect people, processes, and business structure. Pay as much attention to the organizational environment as you do to the technical environment.

  • Strive for excellence in project management skills. No software tool guarantees success. The domain of project management is complex and requires highly skilled individuals. Make sure that the people who perform this role are capable and well trained.

  • Set realistic expectations. Your EPM implementation will take time. Plan it in an evolutionary manner so that immediate gains are possible. Do not expect full capability to occur immediately.

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