Working with Application-Level Events

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The difference between Application events and Project events is confusing. Microsoft says, "Project events occur when the project changes. Application events occur when the project is created." Perhaps a better way to think of this is that the Project events are triggered only when the Project object changes or is operated on. Application events occur when objects within a project change or are operated on.

With Application events, you can respond to most of the important actions a user might take in Project, such as changing or deleting tasks , resources, or assignments. There are also a number of events provided so that you can monitor changes that the user makes in the environment. Those events can be used when elements of Project are used in a digital dashboard or another Web application.

The entire list of Application events is too long to reproduce here. They are well documented in the Project VBA help, as are a number of examples of how you might use them. Unfortunately, Application events require you to do a larger amount of coding than Project events do. This section provides details on how to set up a project to use Application events. It uses the ProjectBeforeTaskDelete event as an example of how these events can be used.

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