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Project has well-developed help documentation for VBA, but unfortunately it can be difficult to find. This is due to two things. First, the Project-specific help is not installed in the typical Project installation. When you are installing Project, be sure to include help as part of a custom installation.

The second problem is that the VBE interface does not easily handle both the general Visual Basic help and the Project-specific Visual Basic help. When you select Help from the Help menu, the general Visual Basic help displays and you do not see the information you need about Project.

The easiest way to get to the Project-specific help is to open the Object Browser window, select an object from the project library, right-click, and select Help. The Help window opens, with the Project-specific help in it. Make sure that the object you select is in the Project library and not in just the standard Visual Basic library. Anything with the name Project or Task is a good thing to choose.


You can open Project's Visual Basic help system directly from outside Project. It is called VBAPJ.CHM , and it opens in a window without the functionality of the Answer Wizard or search functions you get when you use it within Project, but it is an easy way to read up on the object model and get a good understanding of Visual Basic programming within Project.

Project's help system discusses the object model in great detail and also provides many useful examples that you can use when you are trying to solve problems. Because the object model is so thoroughly covered in help, this chapter focuses on the most commonly used programming structures and objects.

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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
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