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A Filter Is Not Limiting the Task List


I'm trying to create a filter to show tasks that start between two dates I specify. The filter criteria are set to find tasks with a start date greater than (date 1) and tasks with a start date less than (date 2). Why am I still seeing all my tasks ?

Choosing And or Or is a common source of confusion. What you want to do is first select tasks that begin after date 1. Then, using the tasks that passed the first test, narrow the list further by restricting it with an And test. Change the And/Or test in the first column of the filter definition to And.

Filters Are View Specific, but Tables Are Not

In the Gantt Chart view, I filtered for slipping tasks and hid the Indicators column so that it wouldn't print. When I switch to the Tracking Gantt view, the Indicators column is hidden and I don't want it to be, but the filter is not applied and I want that. How are these views related to each other?

The views are independent of one another when you apply filters, but they both use the Entry table to display columns onscreen. An applied filter changes the display only for the view that is onscreen. If you change to another view and want to see it filtered as well, you must apply a filter to it, too. But when you modify a displayed table, you are actually changing the underlying definition of the table. The altered table then shows all views that use that table. To have different tables for different uses ”for example, one for printing, one for edit and review ”you can create and apply a custom table when needed. See Chapter 21, "Customizing Views, Tables, Fields, Filters, and Groups," for more information.

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