Importing Project 2003 Data from Other Project Management Applications

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In the past, the most comprehensive exchange of data between Microsoft Project and other products was through the MPX format. However, MPX has been replaced by the Microsoft Project Database format as the preferred vehicle for exchanging all project data. Project 2003 can open MPX files, but it cannot create or save files in MPX format.

To open a Microsoft Project 2003 file that was saved in MPX format, choose File, Open. After selecting the search directory in the Look In text box, the list of files you can open will include any MPX files in that directory, along with the rest of the Project files. To see just the MPX files, select MPX in the Files of Type list box. Select the MPX filename that you want to open and click the Open button. The MPX file will then be opened as a new Project 2003 ( .mpp ) project file.

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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
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