Using Project Guide for Tracking

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If you're new to tracking, you might find it helpful to begin by using Project Guide's Track sidepane (see Figure 14.1). This sidepane enables you to do the following:

  • Save a baseline

  • Select a tracking method and prepare a custom view for tracking

  • Incorporate actual profgress information into the project

  • Check the status of tasks

  • Modify the project in light of tracking information

  • Track issues related to the project

  • Request periodic text-based assessments of general status from key resources

  • Publish new and changed assignments to Project Server

Figure 14.1. The Project Guide toolbar is a good place to begin learning about tracking.


Most of these topics are discussed in greater detail in the sections that follow. (See the section "Choosing a Tracking Method," later in this chapter.) The Project Guide toolbar steps for tracking were designed with users of Microsoft Project Server in mind; therefore, the last three topics in the list are covered in Chapter 24, "Introduction to Project Server."

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