We covered a lot of ground in this chapter. However, learning how to use the Visual Basic .NET debugger is crucial to be able to track down program bugs . Even though we covered the most important elements of using the debugger, there are still some debug windows and features that we simply did not have time to discuss. For additional details, check the online help categories listed under the general topic Debug .

We also discussed both unstructured and structured error handling. I hope that you are now convinced that structured error handling is a better approach to the problem of exception handling. You can even add your own custom error handlers by inheriting from the Exception class (that's an advanced topic we're not going to discuss yet.)

I encourage you to experiment with the program presented in Listing 19.3. Set some breakpoints in the code and use the Command window to enter some values that you know will force an exception and see how the exception handlers work. You'll learn a lot from such experimentation.

Visual Basic .NET. Primer Plus
Visual Basic .NET Primer Plus
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