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If you dedicate any time to upgrading this game, you will bump into the bugs and frustrations that are part of every programmer's life. What you can do is plan carefully before adding anything to this program. Don't forget to use the Debugger, your friendly trace command, and any other strategic algorithms that can get you out of a programmer's pit.

If you follow the same style Matridia II was written in, you should have no problems adding more enemies, power-ups, power- shields , and explosives. Just remember one thing: the limitations of your viewer's computer. Not everybody has a power computer. Flash MX 2004 has been improved and is at least 25% more speed-efficient than Flash MX, but the user 's computer will forever affect your code.

Now that you have dissected a complete game, the next step would be to create your own.

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Game Development with ActionScript
Game Development with ActionScript
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