Section 2.5. CD Covers and Printed Playlists

2.5. CD Covers and Printed Playlists

In versions of iTunes before 4.5, you had to do a lot of gymnastics just to make a nice-looking song list to tuck into the CD jewel case of a freshly burned disc. Not to make you relive any bad memories, or anything, but you had to export the playlist as a text file, import it into a word-processing program, format the type, and then, six hours later. Print . Nowadays, you just choose File Print, select a formatting option, and click the Print button.

The iTunes Print box is now full of choices:

  • You can print out a perfectly sized insert for a CD jewel case, complete with song list on one side and a miniature mosaic of all your album artwork on the other, as you can see in Figure 2-6. For a simpler CD insert, there's also a text-only option on a plain background. (If you opt for the CD jewel case, your resulting printout even comes with handy crop marks you can use to guide your X-Acto blade when trimming it down to size .)

  • If you want something simpler, select Song Listing from the pop-up menu for a plain vanilla list of tracks on the playlist.

  • The Album Listing option prints out a comprehensive list of all the original albums that you used when cherry-picking the songs for the playlist.

The Theme menu in the Print dialog box offers even more formatting fun, like adding User Ratings to a Song Listing sheet.

Tip: Want to use one of your own personal photos for the cover of your CD case? Just add artwork to a track (described on Section and then choose Edit Print Theme: Single Cover to place your own picture on the front.

Figure 2-6. With a playlist selected, go to File Print to call up the iTunes print box. Pick and click the Print format you desire , select a theme (single picture or a mosiac, plain old text, etc.), and click the Print button for hard-copy proof of your CD-mixing prowess.

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