Step 9.2: Create a new project

Step 9.2: Create a new project

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The easiest way to avoid clutter is to segregate programs into projects. In this case, we'll create a new project called SWT, since we'll be concentrating on SWT programming. In previous steps, I had you add a new project by using the popup menu from the navigator view. In this step, I'll show you an alternative method: the File/New/Project... option. The File menu has a New submenu, and the New submenu has a Project... option.

q 9.2(a) From the Eclipse main menu bar, select File/New/Project ...

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Figure 9.5: Adding a new project using the File menu, New submenu, Project... option.

q 9.2(b) Make sure Java and Java Project are selected and click Next.

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Figure 9.6: Adding a new Java Project.

q 9.2(c) Enter SWT in the Project name field and select Finish.

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Figure 9.7: Enter the project name, SWT, and select the Finish button.

You will have added a new project, as shown in Figure 9.8.

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Figure 9.8: The new SWT project!

q 9.2(d) Expand the SWT project.

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Figure 9.9: Use the plus sign to expand the SWT project.

You'll see a JAR file in your project. Roll your cursor over it as shown in Figure 9.10, and you'll see that it's the same runtime JAR file as in the Hello project.

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Figure 9.10: Rolling your cursor over the JAR file shows that it is the same runtime file as in the Hello project.

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