Saving and Closing Your Project

The last step is to save your finished project. For this exercise, you'll do a basic save. In the later lessons, you'll learn about the other GarageBand save features. To save the project, first you'll open the Save As window, then you'll create a new folder to save all of your GarageBand book projects.


Choose File > Save As.

An alert appears asking if you'd like to save your project with an iLife preview.

This saving method is great for finished projects, but takes longer to save, and is not necessary until you are ready to share the project with other iLife applications. You'll save files with iLife Preview in Lesson 10.


Click the Do not ask me again box on the Alert. Then click No.

The Save As dialog opens.


To expand the Save As dialog, click the downward pointing arrow at the right side of the Save As field.


Click the Desktop icon on the Sidebar (left side) of the Save As window.

You've now selected the Desktop as the location to save your project.


Click the New Folder button, located in the lower-left corner of the window.

A New Folder dialog opens.


Type My GarageBand Projects in the "Name of new folder" field. Click Create.

The new folder is created on your Desktop.


In the Save As window, click Save.


Press Cmd-W or choose File > Close Project.

Your project has been successfully saved to the folder you created on your Desktop and closed.

Congratulations! You completed the first lesson in the book, and have a good working knowledge of the GarageBand basic interface.

Now you're ready to move on to the next lesson.

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