Adding a Super Soundtrack

Thanks once again to the folks at SmartSound® and their Quicktracks software, we have some great music for our super hero to fly by. It's more in the style of the theme music for Neo in the Matrix movies than Superman, but it works. We've renamed it supermusic.wav, but it's original name in the Quicktracks software is "SmartSound - Subterfuge - Shamus [00;29;16].wav."

Add the Super Music

With your mouse, select the supermusic.wav clip from the Available Media view of the Media panel and drag and drop the clip onto Audio 2 track on the Timeline.


As before, line up the head of the supermusic.wav clip with the start of the Audio 2 track.

Grab the tail end of the supermusic.wav clip, and drag it back to shorten its duration. You want to have it be just a bit longer than the track (the Artbeats footage of the sky and clouds). The supermusic.wav track should end at about 22 seconds or so.

The super music is a bit too loud. So, in the Properties panel for the supermusic.wav clip, set the Volume to -8.0 dB. Doing so will let viewers hear both the wind and the music at the same time, without one overpowering the other.


If you're using Quicktracks and prefer to grab the music yourself right from the software, start Quicktracks from within Premiere Elements and choose the Futuristic style and select the Subterfuge track from the Maestro screen. Then, on the Quicktracks screen, choose the Shamus variation.

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Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
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