Creating the Project and Setting Up the Tracks

As with all of the projects in this book, we'll start by creating a new project. For this project, we'll have an initial step of creating the four video tracks that we'll need for this project. In Premiere Elements, the default number of tracks for new projects is three, so we'll be adding a single video track. If you have changed this default to a number greater than three, you can skip this task. If your default number of tracks is less than three, add as many tracks as needed so that you have four video tracks to work with.

Name the Project and Add a Track

Start Premiere Elements and create a new project called seethrutitle.

If the My Project panel is in Sceneline view, click the Timeline button to switch to Timeline view.

Right-click in the track header area and from the contextual menu select Add Tracks.

The default on the Add Tracks dialog box is to add one track. Use the Add Tracks dialog box as follows:

  • If this brings the total number of video tracks to four, leave this setting and click OK.

  • If not, change this number as needed so that you will have at least four video tracks available for this project.


You should now have a minimum of four video tracks on the Timeline on the My Project panel.

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Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
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