Chapter 6. Attitude

An Effective Plan of Action Drives Perspective

Attitude is largely affected by circumstance and perspective. For many technology professionals, a jaded and negative perspective of the potential that is available in the industry contributes to poor career choices and, more critically, poor performance.

This is combated and cured by having a plan of action, a long-term perspective, and emulating those who have and continue to achieve success.

Attitude is a tool in that it provides inroads and can become a factor in your performance on a given job or project. Attitude cannot replace performance, but it can impact it just like the sports team that makes a big play and turns the momentum of a game around.

Your attitude can help you master and adopt new skills more easily.

The perception that your peers and superiors have of you is also driven by your attitude. If you can convey confidence during difficult projects and then deliver, your attitude will become a central factor in their confidence in you.

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