How to Use the Toolkit

You can read The IT Career Builder's Toolkit cover to cover, the ideal method for someone who is new to the field, or by topic, to fine-tune an already growing career in the field.

Information is spread throughout the book that might interest or help you. Conceptual ideas that run through the book are emphasized in each of the chapters. If you choose to read through specific topics, take time later to revisit some of the other chapters. You will likely find something of interest there, too.

The chapters include a brief introduction to the topic. At the end of each chapter are action points or key ideas. These help to emphasize ideas you have learned in the chapter.

Although it is important to play to your strength, work on those areas that are a challenge or intimidate you. Mastery of a difficult challenge or skill does wonders for your confidence. This confidence further enhances your ability in your areas of strength.

    The IT Career Builder's Toolkit
    The IT Career Builders Toolkit
    ISBN: 1587131560
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2004
    Pages: 215
    Authors: Matthew Moran

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