To Do: Create and Use AutoText Entries

In addition to AutoCorrect, AutoText enables you to quickly insert completely formatted multilined text. AutoText is often called boilerplate text , which is a publishing term used for text that appears frequently.

Suppose, for example, that you often place your boldfaced, 16-point name and address centered across the top of your personal letters . Instead of typing and formatting this text each time you need it, follow these steps to add the text as an AutoText entry:

  1. Type and format the text you want to add to the AutoText entries. Make sure that it is exactly as you want it to be reproduced.

  2. Select the text.

  3. Select Insert, AutoText, AutoText. Word displays the AutoText tab, which shows the AutoText entries currently in effect, as shown in Figure 5.4.

    Figure 5.4. Adding an AutoText entry makes subsequent typing easier.


  4. Type an abbreviation for the AutoText entry in the field labeled Enter AutoText Entries Here. You can either type this text to activate the AutoText entry, or you can select from the available options listed.

  5. Press Enter.

When you subsequently type the AutoText entry's abbreviation and press F3, Word replaces the abbreviation with your expanded, formatted AutoText entry. AutoText entries require the F3 keystroke. Nevertheless, AutoText entries can be more complex and longer than those of AutoCorrect, which allows only 255 characters .

After you create an AutoText entry, check the Show AutoComplete check box on the AutoText dialog box before closing the dialog box. Afterwards, when you type that AutoText entry's abbreviation, a ScreenTip appears that shows your entry beneath the abbreviation. If you press Enter at that point, Word replaces your abbreviation with the expanded entry so that you don't have to press F3. If you want to ignore the AutoText instead, just keep typing and the ScreenTip will go away.

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