Should I create an entire, narrated presentation when I give my presentation, or control the presentation myself and narrate live?


PowerPoint makes it extremely easy to create a 100% ready-to-go presentation that automatically moves from one slide to the next , in synch with a narrated sound clip that you store. The problem with this is, why would you want to do that if you were there and could give the presentation yourself live? Your audience will surely prefer to hear you give the presentation. You can still use the many slide tools available to give a powerful punch to your presentation, such as animation and transition effects between slides. By giving the presentation live, you can interact with your audience and go at the pace you sense is best for them.

People who give the same presentations, however, often have an entire kiosk-style presentation set up, with narration and timed transitions. If that speaker arrives on the scene of a presentation and has a cold or otherwise does not feel up to a live presentation, the audience still gets to hear the show. In addition, Web-based presentations require the automation that the kiosk-style presentations provide. Also, product demonstrations make excellent kiosk-style presentations.

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