8.4. Test Your Understanding

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What two properties does PaintEventArgs provide a Paint handler routine? Describe the role of each.


What method is called to trigger a Paint event for a control?


Which image is drawn by the following code?

 GraphicsPath gp = new GraphicsPath(); gp.AddLine(0,0,60,0); gp.AddLine(0,20,60,20); g.DrawPath(new Pen(Color.Black,2),gp); 


Which of these statements will cause a compile-time error?

  1.  Brush sb = new SolidBrush(Color.Chartreuse); 

  2.  Brush b = new Brush(Color.Red); 

  3.  Brush h = new HatchBrush(HatchStyle.DottedDiamond,                          Color.Blue,Color.Red); 


Which of these colors is more transparent?

 Color a = FromArgb(255,112,128,144); Color b = FromArgb(200,212,128,200); 


You are drawing an image that is 200x200 pixels onto a panel that is 100x100 pixels. The image is contained in the Bitmap bmp, and the following statement is used:

 g.DrawImage(bmp, panel1.ClientRectangle); 

What percent of the image is displayed?

  1. 25%

  2. 50%

  3. 100%


The Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky translated the dance movements of Gret Palucca into a series of schematic diagrams consisting of simple geometric shapes. The following is a computer generated schematic (approximating Kandinsky's) that corresponds to the accompanying dance position. The schematic is created with a GraphicsPath object and the statements that follow. However, the statements have been rearranged, and your task is to place them in a sequence to draw the schematic. Recall that a GraphicsPath object automatically connects objects.

 Graphics g = panel1.CreateGraphics(); g.SmoothingMode = SmoothingMode.AntiAlias; GraphicsPath gp = new GraphicsPath(); gp.AddLine(10,170,30,170); gp.AddLine(40,50,50,20); gp.StartFigure(); gp.AddLine(16,100,100,100); gp.AddLine(50,20,145,100); gp.AddLine(100,100,190,180); gp.StartFigure(); gp.AddArc(65,10,120,180,180,80); g.DrawPath(new Pen(Color.Black,2),gp); gp.StartFigure(); gp.AddArc(65,5,120,100,200,70); 


The following statements are applied to the original image A:

 Point ptA = new Point(bmp.Height,0); Point ptB = new Point(bmp.Height,bmp.Width); Point ptC = new Point(0,0); Point[]dp = {ptA,ptB,ptC}; g.DrawImage(bmp,dp); 

Which image is drawn by the last statement?

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    Core C# and .NET
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