Chapter 17

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False. A web.config file is not required.


pageOutput in the web.config file specifies whether the trace log is appended to the Web page for display on the client's browser. If set to false, the output can be viewed in the trace.axd file in the application's root.


  1. Windows, Forms, and Microsoft Passport authentication are offered by .NET.

  2. Authentication is specified using the <authentication> element of the web.config file.

  3. Authentication verifies that a user is who he says he is; authorization determines what actions the user may perform or what resources he may access.

  4. The Page.User property provides information about a user.


Out-of-Process Session management supports storing state information on a server on process on another server.


 <%@ OutputCache Duration="180"  VaryByParam="*"                                 VaryByCustom="Browser" %> 


A data cache is read-only versus read/write for application state data. However, a data cache is much more flexible: An expiration can be assigned to it, and it can be tied to other objects, causing the cache data to be removed if the objects' value changes.


ASP.NET periodically invokes a resource scavenging process that removes less important data from a data cache. Importance is determined by priority. Thus, setting a high priority reduces the chance of the data cache being removed.


As a request or response passes through the HTTP pipeline, an Application object fires a series of events that may be handled by an HTTP module or in the global.asax file.

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