Chapter 16

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GET and PUT are used to transfer data from a client to a server. PUT is default for ASP.NET.


  1. True.

  2. True.

  3. False. ASP.NET returns HTML, therefore a client does not require the .NET runtime.

  4. True.

  5. True.


The ListItem class contains a collection for List controls.


If the TextBox.AutoPostBack property is set to true, the event handler is called immediately on the server; otherwise, it waits until the next round trip to the server occurs.


The .Master property allows access to the MasterPage object.


The DataSource property must be set to the data source, and DataBind must be executed to load the data into the control.


  1. False. You cannot bind directly to a DataAdapter.

  2. True. A control can bind to a DataReader.

  3. False. It is populated when DataBind is executed.

  4. True. A DataSet or data source control can bind to a control.


Use a validating control to manage input to a text box.


The @Register directive is required to specify a custom control.


The HtmlTextWriter class emits HTML that renders a control.


The controls in a composite control render themselves and offer the standard properties to work with.

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