Chapter 15

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  1. False. Only a strongly named assembly may be placed in the GAC but it does not have to be there.

  2. False. The compiler does not automatically check the GAC for references.

  3. True. The CLR checks the GAC for assembly references.

  4. True. A client must have a valid public key token to use an assembly in the GAC.


A Permission attribute should be added to the assembly, specifying the permission(s) required by the assembly.


A strong name consists of a simple name, version number, culture info, and public key token.


Assign version: [assembly: AssemblyVersion("")]

 Assign culture:  [assembly: AssemblyCulture("fr-CA")] 

The default build number is the number of days since 1/1/2000; the default revision number is the number of seconds past midnight divided by 2.


The IStackWalk interface defines the Assert, Deny, and PermitOnly methods to modify a stack walk. Assert stops the walk; Deny specifies permissions that cause the walk to fail; and PermitOnly specifies the only permissions that do not cause the stack walk to fail..


Delayed signing refers to using a public key to create a digital signature, as opposed to using the private key. When the final assembly is ready, the private key replaces the public key for encryption. This reduces the need to expose the private key during development.


A predefined permission is an individual permission class provided by .NET. A named permission set is a predefined set of permission objects. A security zone classifies where an assembly originates: Internet, Intranet, MyComputer, NoZone, trusted, Untrusted.


  1. True.

  2. True.

  3. False. <Binding Redirect /> is used to redirect CLR to newer version.

  4. False.


Add to the configuration:

 <binding Redirect OldVersion=""               NewVersion="" /> 

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