Section 103. Create Presentation Handouts

103. Create Presentation Handouts


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Handouts can benefit your audience because they can take home ideas and tips from your presentation. You control what goes into your handouts. You don't have to print every slide in the presentation. Doing so would only cost you paper and would not necessarily benefit your audience. Instead, select the slides that mean the most to your presentation. Consider the following handouts as important, depending on your presentation:

  • Your presentation's title, goal, and your name

  • Your contact information (website, phone number, email address, and so on)

  • Critical ideas within your presentation

  • Numerical examples the audience can study at their leisure

  • Goals for the audience

  • Take-home action items that the audience might want to do as a result of your presentation

  • Products you or others sell that relate to your presentation and that will benefit your audience


You'll use the Handout view to select specific handouts from your presentation.

Request the Handout View

Select View, Handout Page (or click the Handout tab atop your work area) to enter the Handout view. The handouts master slide appears.


Handouts master slide A slide that shows the formatting and number of slides per handout.

103. Create Presentation Handouts

Modify the Handouts Master Slide

The handouts master slide appears, showing you the default settings for the handouts, such as four slides per page. Right-click the handouts master slide and select Slide, Slide Layout from the menu to display the Modify Slide dialog box.

Change the Handout Settings

Click to select a different Layout style for the handouts if you wish. For example, you may want to print six slides per handout instead of four. Click OK to apply your changes.


Unlike the other materials you create in Impress, the Handouts Master contains areas for a header and footer. Because handouts are something you're likely to print, you'll probably want to include headers and footers to display information such as page numbers and the date of the presentation.

Edit the Text

With the handouts showing, you can edit, rearrange, and add elements to them. For example, you can add a text box (by clicking the Text button on the Drawing toolbar) at the top and throughout the handouts for your audience.

Print the Handouts

Select File, Print , click the Options button, and select the Handouts option to print the handouts. 80 Set Impress Options describes other options available to you when you're ready to print. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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