Chapter 2. Learning Writer s Basics

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Chapter 2. Learning Writer's Basics


1 Set Writer Options

2 Create a New Document

3 Open an Existing Document

4 Type Text into a Document

5 Edit Text

6 Move Around a Document

7 Find and Replace Text

8 Check a Document's Spelling

9 Print a Document

Writer is a full-featured word processor that you can use to produce notes, reports , newsletters, brochures , and just about anything that requires text and perhaps graphics as well. If you want to do something in Writer, Writer probably offers a way to do it.

In spite of all its bells and whistles, Writer's primary goal is to get text into a document. Hardly any word processor does that as easily as Writer (or as cheaply!). This chapter gets you started if you are new to Writer. You'll master the basic text-entering and document-navigation skills.



Start Writer by selecting Text Document from the Window menu.

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