Chapter 11. Learning About Impress

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80 Set Impress Options

81 Create a New Presentation

82 Open an Existing Presentation

83 Run a Presentation

84 Print a Presentation

Have you wanted to wow your audiences with professional presentations ? You can with Impress. This chapter introduces you to Impress. You'll soon be designing and creating effective presentations. By using the predefined presentation tools of Impress, you generate good-looking presentations without needing to worry about design, format, and color specifics. After Impress generates a sample presentation, you need only follow a few simple procedures if you want to modify and tweak the presentation into your own unique version.



Presentation ” A set of screens, called pages or slides , that you present to people in a room or over the Internet.



Remember, the term presentation refers to an entire Impress collection of slides (or pages), whereas the term slide or page refers to an individual screen within that presentation. Slide is more common than page due to Microsoft Office PowerPoint's use of the slide terminology.

The primary purpose of Impress is to help you design, create, and edit presentations and printed handouts. Because Impress provides a wide variety of predefined templates, you don't have to be a graphics design specialist to create good-looking presentations.

Impress slides can hold many kinds of information. Here are a few of the things you can add to an Impress presentation:

  • Data you insert into Impress, including text, charts , graphs, and graphics

  • Writer documents

  • Live data from the Internet, including complete Web pages

  • Calc worksheets

  • Multimedia content such as video and sound files

  • Graphics from graphics programs such as Draw

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