Applying Styles

The styles that are available in your document are listed in the Style list at the left end of the Formatting toolbar (see Figure 7.1).

Figure 7.1. The Style list gives you access to your available styles.


The style names appear with the font formatting that is specified in the style. To the right of each style name is a small gray box that shows you the alignment and font size in the style. In addition, the upper-right corner of the gray box contains an a if it's a character style, or a paragraph symbol () if it's a paragraph style.

The styles in the Style list in Figure 7.1 come with the Normal template. Default Paragraph Font and Normal are the default character and paragraph styles. Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 are paragraph styles that you can use to format your headings.

To apply a character or paragraph style, follow these steps:

  1. To apply a character style, select the text. To apply a paragraph style, click in the paragraph, or select multiple paragraphs to apply the style to all of them.

  2. Click the Style list drop-down arrow in the Formatting toolbar, scroll down the list, and click the style that you want to apply.

To check what style you've applied in a particular location, just click in the text. The Style list in the Formatting toolbar displays the style in effect at the location of the insertion point.

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