Adding Tools and Commands to Menus

Adding Tools and Commands to Menus

You can also add tools and commands to menus. The technique is similar to that for modifying toolbars , but it might require steadier hands for drilling down to the menu level you want. The following steps walk you through the adding of tools and commands to Outlook menus.

  1. Right-click any menu and choose Customize. Click the Commands tab.

  2. Put the Define Views command onto a more prominent spot on the menu. In Categories, choose View, and in Commands, find Define Views. Notice that the commands aren't in alphabetical order. Fortunately, Define Views is close to the top.

  3. Using the left mouse button, drag Define Views to the menu bar and drop it between Actions and Help.

  4. With the Customize dialog box still open , drag any command from the dialog box to the Tools menubut don't release the mouse button. Drag the command down to any item that has a black right-pointing triangle (which indicates that a menu contains additional items). That item opens. You could now drag the command to any location in the menu and drop it. But don't. Instead, press Esc to cancel the drag. Click Close.

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