You Can Subscribe to QuickBooks Payroll Services

If want your payroll calculations to be reliably accurate and automatic, you can subscribe to one of the QuickBooks payroll services. Learn more beyond this brief overview by calling Intuit at 800-316-1365 for more details and custom quotes for Assisted Payroll. For more information about the Complete Payroll feature, call -800-365-9621:

  • Standard payroll ($199 per year) Provides you with downloadable federal and state tax tables and all the information you need to fill out tax forms within your QuickBooks program.

  • Enhanced payroll ($299 per year) Automatically fills out federal and state tax forms and provides workers' compensation tracking.

  • Assisted payroll You transmit payroll information and all the processing is done by QuickBooks; then you download the results.

  • Complete payroll Outsources all your payroll and related tax filings and payments to QuickBooks.

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