Entering Paycheck Information

After you've selected the employees who are to be paid, the next step is to enter specific payroll information for individual employees. If all the employees are salaried or receive exactly the same pay and have the same deductions each pay period, you can skip this step.

Enter Paycheck Information

Having selected the employees to be paid in the previous task, you will have clicked the Create button to open the Preview Paycheck window for the first selected employee.

On the individual check summary, enter current period payroll information and make any necessary changes to deductions, withholdings, and employer contributions.

Click Create when you've finished entering changes. The payroll form for the next selected employee appears.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the information for all employees has been verified.

When the payroll record for the last employee has been completed, you are returned to the Select Employees to Pay window.

Did You Know?

You can make entries or changes only in white areas. The gray areas are computed by QuickBooks and reflect year-to-date totals.

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