Using Timer Information with QuickBooks Payroll

If you use QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier, you have the option of using the QuickBooks Timer, a time-tracking program that comes bundled with the QuickBooks program. You'll be happy to discover that employee time recorded with the Timer is easily transferred into the QuickBooks payroll system.

See Also

See Chapter 9 for more information on using the QuickBooks Timer program.

To see how the Timer information appears in QuickBooks, open an employee's payroll record by first selecting Pay Employees from the Employees menu.

Check the name of an employee who has used the Timer in the current pay period.

Click Create to see this employee's current payroll record.

Note that the hours from the Timer have been transferred to this employee's payroll record.

For now, click Cancel to return to the Select Employees to Pay window (if you were actually executing a payroll, you would click Create).

Click Leave to close this window without executing a payroll.

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