Printing Paychecks

Usually the jobs of preparing and printing paychecks are done at different times, if for no other reason than the fact that you need to change the paper in your printer to payroll check forms. When you're ready to print your payroll (and the proper forms are in your printer!), these instructions will guide you.

With the Select Employees to Pay window open (see the previous task), check off each employee who is to receive a paycheck.


You can use the Mark All button to save time.

If you're ready to print paychecks now, click the Print Paychecks button.

If you plan to print checks later, click the To Be Printed option; then click the Leave button.

Later, when you're ready to print checks, select Print Forms from the File menu and then select Paychecks.

In the window that appears, verify the account from which the payroll is drawn.

Verify the starting check number for the paychecks.

Click Select All or check off each paycheck you want to print.

Click OK.

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