Using Direct Deposit

After your company is set up to use a direct deposit service for paychecks, executing the directly deposited paychecks is a simple matter. You indicate on each employee's payroll screen whether that employee uses direct deposit, and the rest is left to the electronic transfer genies. This task assumes the employee's bank information has already been set up as described in "How Does Direct Deposit Work?" on the next page.

See Also

See "How Does Direct Deposit Work?" on the next page for detailed information about setting up a direct deposit service.

To assign direct deposit to an employee, open a specific employee's payroll record by first selecting Pay Employees from the Employees menu.

Check off the names of the employees to whom you are issuing a paycheck, as described in "Selecting Employees for Payroll Preparation" on page 42.

Click Create.

On an individual employee's Preview Paycheck window, check this box to initiate a direct deposit.

Click Create when all the information has been entered and you're ready to continue to the next employee.

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