Selecting Employees for Payroll Preparation

If you've worked through the tasks in this chapter so far, you've set up all the information necessary for producing paychecks. Now you're ready to produce some actual paychecks!

Select Pay Employees from the Employees menu.


Another way to do this is to click the Pay Employees icon on the Employees tab of the Payroll Center.

Enter the cash account on which the paychecks are to be drawn.

Indicate whether checks are to be either printed, or handwritten or direct deposited.

Enter the date on which the checks will be issued.

Enter the ending date for this pay period.

Click to check each employee who will be paid.

Select this option if you need to preview checks and possibly enter additional information such as number of hours worked or amount of deductions.

Select this option if you're certain the information for each check is correct and you don't need to see a preview.

Click the Create button. If you chose to preview the checks, each check appears for your approval.

Did You Know?

Payroll deductions must be brought up-to-date. If you're entering historical payroll information, don't forget to include payroll deduction amounts in your historical entries.

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