Setting Up Employee Payroll Information

After you've entered the specific personal information about an employee, it's time to enter the payroll information for the employee. Here you'll enter the amount of salary or hourly wage the employee earns as well as any deductions, other than taxes, that you will withhold from the employee's paycheck.

If you clicked Set Up Now in the previous task, you can skip to step 6. If you closed the New Employee window after the previous task, open the Employee Center and click the Employees tab to view the list of your employees.

Click the name of the employee for whom you want to set up payroll information.

Press Ctrl+E to edit the employee information.

Click the drop-down arrow to display the Tabs list.

Select Payroll And Compensation Info.

Enter the annual salary or hourly rate this employee receives.

Indicate the pay period used by your company.

Enter any deductions that are regularly taken from this employee's pay. Deduction amounts are entered as negative numbers.

Continue to the next task to enter payroll tax information for this employee.

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