Setting Up Employees

For each employee in your organization, certain pieces of information must be included in the payroll system. To process paychecks and prepare tax documents for your employees, you need to record the correct name, address, and Social Security number of each employee. In addition, QuickBooks gives you an opportunity to keep track of personal employee information such as telephone and fax numbers, an email address, and the date of hire all in one convenient location.

Enter Employee Personal Information

Click the Employee Center button on the QuickBooks toolbar or select Employee Center from the Employees menu.

Press Ctrl+N to open the New Employee window.

Make sure the Personal tab is selected.

Enter the employee's title.

Enter the employee's name.

Enter the way in which the employee's name should appear on paychecks (QuickBooks enters this information as you type the name in step 5, but you can change this if necessary).

Enter the employee's Social Security number.

Enter the employee's gender.

Enter the employee's date of birth.

Did You Know?

You can enter additional information such as an employee number. On the next page you'll see that QuickBooks gives you the opportunity to compile many other pieces of information for your employees all in one place.

Enter Employee Address Information

Click the Address And Contact tab in the New Employee window.

Enter the employee's contact information, including address and telephone number.

Enter any other contact information you have for this employee such as a cellular or pager number or email address.

Click the Additional Info tab.

Enter an employee number, if applicable.

Enter other information for this employee.

Click OK.

Click Leave As Is if you are not yet ready to set up payroll information. Otherwise, click Set Up Now and continue to the next task.

Did You Know?

You can add custom fields for your employees. QuickBooks provides the opportunity to customize the setup screens for customers, vendors, and employees. Click the Define Fields button on the Additional Info tab and then add your own fields to the list and check whether you want these fields available for your customer, vendor, and employee setups.

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