Using the QuickBooks Sales Rep feature

QuickBooks allows you to designate employees, vendors, and others as sales reps. You can then associate sales with the reps responsible for those sales, for purposes of paying commissions or to track their performance.

Add a new sales rep by opening the Sales Rep list. Choose Lists, Customer & Vendor Profile Lists, Sales Rep List. Press Ctrl+N to open the New Sales Rep window. Enter the name of the rep, the initials you will use to track this rep, and the type of rep (employee, vendor, or other).

When you create an invoice, there is a Rep field where you can choose the sales rep responsible for the sale.

Produce reports showing the performance of your sales reps by choosing Reports, Sales, Sales by Rep Summary (to see the total sales made by each sales rep) or Sales by Rep Detail (to see each sale made by each sales rep).

Set Up Employee Preferences

With the Payroll & Employees preferences window still open, click the Employee Defaults button to set up employee preferences.

Enter the name of the earnings item (such as Salary or Regular Pay) that normally should appear on each paycheck.

If every employee earns the same amount, enter an amount under Hourly/Annual Rate. Otherwise, leave this field blank because later you will enter a unique amount for each employee.

Check Use Time Data to Create Paychecks if you use information from the QuickBooks Timer or time sheets to calculate paychecks.

Enter items that appear on all or most paychecks in the Item Name box, such as deductions for health insurance or retirement contributions.

Enter amounts only if the deduction amounts are the same for each employee or most employees. Otherwise, leave the Amount field blank because later you will enter unique amounts for employees.

Click OK.

Click OK on the main Preferences window.

See Also

See Chapter 9,"Tracking Time," on page 215 for more information on the automatic time tracking features that are available to QuickBooks Pro users.

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